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About Me    Ray Perez

Born in Birkenhead Cheshire 1945. My parents emigrated to Australia in 1949 where I lived for the next 20 years, the first few years in the outback and then settled in Adelaide, South Australia. After leaving the Australian armed forces I moved to NZ for two years before returning to the UK in 1970. Worked in London for three years, then at the age of 28 returned to Birkenhead and decided to take up art and attended Hyde College of FE (Manchester), Wirral College of Art, Liverpool Polytechnic studying Graphic Design, BA(Hons), post graduate course in teacher training (ATD), and then taught in a middle school (three years,) secondary school (two years,) and finally in a college of FE for 21 years (including adult classes,) retiring in 2005.

With regard to my artwork it is rather precise and detailed and I enjoy using strong colors. I do most subjects (surrealism, landscapes, still life, natural forms, theme paintings and drawings, portraits, abstract, collage, mixed media.) Nearly all of my work is developed from my own photographs which I have taken whilst traveling throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Egypt, Morocco, Cuba, Barbados, Singapore, & Thailand. The rich colors and textures found and the choice of subject matter is enormous and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice as to which photograph(s) I will use to create a painting or study, perhaps taking different elements from several photos. In some of my paintings I have based my compositions, colors and shapes, on the Australian outback, and also aboriginal paintings. It is interesting when taking a close up view (using a camera)of natural forms (vegetation, rocks etc.) and developing paintings from these. However in the last few months I have started to do abstract work by taking sections of some of my photographs and developing them using mixed media. I use oil pastels, chalk pastels, gouache, acrylics, water colors, graphite, mixed media and collage.

Some of the artists I admire are Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Edward Hopper, Howard Hodgkin, Mark Rothko. (I changed my name in 1987 from Ray Mutch to Ray Perez.)

Commissions taken. Tuition offered. I will visit art clubs within a 30 mile radius of Nantwich in Cheshire to provide workshops. See my contact page for details.